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馃帀 We鈥檙e introducing Templates!
For us, templates are crucial. At Koala, we provide access to the UI Kit, pages, and blocks, but we also want to introduce templates.

This will be highly relevant for our users, as it will enable those with less design, conversion, and SEO knowledge to begin working on a solid, pre-started, well-thought-out design...
No items found.

Creative Os


The Peers Template is a dynamic and versatile Webflow template, meticulously designed for Notion template creators and enthusiasts. As a digital hub, it caters specifically to those who craft and market Notion templates.

Best seller
Multi Layout
Retina ready
Web Fonts
Custom 404
Variables &聽Components
Ecommerce Feature
Multi Layout
Responsive Design & Navigation
Product Details
404 Page
Can I customize the template? What customization capabilities does it have?
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We always recommend using the templates as they have been built. Our design and development team have applied their best professional practices learned during years of experience to provide you with the best possible experience. You can customize and adjust anything you need based on your requirements. Additionally, you can become a part of Koala to gain access to the Design System and add new components or pages, but this may affect the page's conversion and structure.

How often is it updated?
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Every month our team reviews user feedback. Once a month, our team gradually introduces new improvements to each of the templates. We prefer to upload a few and keep them updated rather than having many that are not updated. So, don't worry about that aspect.

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In Koala, we offer a wide variety of templates available for many fields. It is very important for us to provide maximum flexibility to our users to meet most needs.
Minimal Lens
The Minimal Lens Template is an elegant and contemporary Webflow template designed for photographers who favor dark mode aesthetics. This template stands out for its sophisticated dark theme, which not only highlights the depth and contrast in photographs but also provides a modern, immersive viewing experience.
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Notion Website builder
The Peers Template is a dynamic and versatile Webflow template, meticulously designed for Notion template creators and enthusiasts. As a digital hub, it caters specifically to those who craft and market Notion templates, providing a platform that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal.
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Fusion Flare 路 Catering Website
The Fusion Flare Template transcends the traditional boundaries of Webflow templates, providing a bespoke solution for catering services. Designed to showcase culinary excellence and catering expertise, this template is a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.
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