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Jordi Espinosa
April 12, 2024

7 Tools We Used to Develop Koala UI

I know many of you are curious to know what tools we have used and currently use to make Koala work.

Some of you are at the point of launching your own products and are curious about the tools we use to ensure the proper functioning of the organization.


For design, we have used several tools. These have helped us establish colors, document procedures, and identify errors to launch the product as perfectly as possible.

  • UI Colors App: A tool that has helped us define colors and evaluate how they look in the final product. It's a color generator based on Tailwind CSS colors.
  • Design Lint: This tool has helped us detect errors in our Design System, unlinked styles, or small inconsistencies that have been detected and can be fixed with two clicks. Humans make mistakes, and no matter how many times you review changes, things can slip through, which is why we use external tools to help us perfect the product as much as possible.
  • Simple sort: We rely on manual sort to keep components as clean and organized as possible.


For development, we used Webflow and we haven't used any execution tools as you might expect; we haven't used the Figma to Webflow plugin.

We like it, but we believe it's better to do everything from scratch so we have control over everything happening within our product.

As a tool, we have used Client First by Finsweet to organize the structure of components and the website. Thanks to Client First, we can generate structures globally understood by other designers, so when the client uses the product, they can quickly familiarize themselves with it.


For generating fake content in our designs, generating ideas for the website, and correcting texts, we have used, of course, ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is a great tool when you want to:

  • Translate texts
  • Complete and fix texts
  • Generate ideas in bullet points

We have only used ChatGPT to perform these functions. We have used the simplest and free version.

And as part of the content, we also use Typefully for generating content on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Payment Processing and Customer Management

For payment processing, we have used the Lemon Squeezy platform, a brilliant tool for selling our product and managing all the legal aspects for subsequent declaration of all generated income.

It's a very comprehensive platform and it helps us send emails, manage orders, manage customers, view the product's status, and much more.

Documentation and Legal

To document all the procedures we do at Koala, product documentation, idea generation, project management, roadmap, and team coordination, we use Notion.

Notion is an incredible tool that allows us to do just that, carry out the organization of the company and the product.